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Returning to Yourself: Amethyst

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

It’s pretty easy to google “crystal used for ___” it it lead you to a list with Amethyst on it.

Nearly, if not ALL, lists will include this beautiful purple quartz. It’s all around healing abilities are really second to none, which, is likely why its a favorite of so many people.

Amethyst is good for everything from house hunting to overcoming addiction to healing trauma to increasing your intuition. It’s used often for creative pursuits that require originality all the way to initiating greater understandings of things and finding common ground in situations.

How? How can this stone do so many things? What is the underlying connectedness to all of these things?

I call Amethyst the “coming home stone”.

No matter where you are in your life - inner or outer world, swimming around alone in your head, sinking into the depths of your heart, or just having a complete block in regards to what move to make next.. Amethyst.

When I say the “coming home stone” what I’m referring to is the coming home to Self. You, coming back to YOU. YOUR true wants, desires, wishes, and needs. Not what others have decided for you, no matter how true you feel those assumptions to be. YOU underneath all that the world sets atop of you.

You without the chaos.

You without limits.

You without codependency.

You without the need for validation.

You without the trauma and repression of old unsavory memories.


Before the world told you what and who it is that you are.

Before you became conditioned to feel like you can’t trust yourself.

Before you put other peoples ideas, opinions, or feelings before your own.

Before you were told that your ideas were silly or that your feelings weren’t real.

The REAL you. Some won’t know who they are. Some can’t seem to remember that they were anything other than the parent/drug addict/corporate cog/etc. That’s ok, this isn’t a problem.

Its a journey.

A journey of unlearning, deprogramming, remembering, letting go, acceptance, getting quiet, sitting with your own thoughts and feelings, and listening to your own inner voice. Not to be confused with the inner critic - that one came as a result of the conditioning of society and the world at large. The real you, your higher self, your intuitive self.

This journey isn’t always easy, but costs you nothing besides the things you already need to shed - the old shit that no longer serves. Ridding your life of things that don’t align can be scary, but so is accepting a version of yourself that you don’t like, isn’t it?

The string that ties all of these together is simple; its you. You calling yourself back to connect with your inner truths and knowing.

Call yourself back,


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