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I am so glad you're here! Read on to get to know me and the story behind Black Mountain Herbs.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

My passion has always been to help people achieve their dreams.

Making jam out of the proverbial mess of berries has always come quite easy to me. By being able to see and identify negative core personal belief patterns and being very solution-driven, enables me to help guide clients through the process of not only removing blocks but also helping them to make sense of their situations. 

From Soul focused tarot readings to tools + kits to Spiritual Empowerment Coaching, my goal is always the same: to help others break negative belief patterns, revisit their deeper underlying emotional reactions and responses, and to provide a solid and attainable strategy forward that empowers you to find your self-worth, connect with your true Self through self-compassion and acceptance, getting you in alignment with your soul purpose goals, and then setting solid and loving boundaries accordingly.



Fear is inevitable, but it
doesn't have to run your life.

Image by Mimipic Photography

Surviving is something most of us have acknowledged as being primal. Thriving, however, is learned. While it is a constant battle of remembering, while also forgetting, it does get easier with consistency and commitment. ​Through focused intention and will, you can accomplish far more than you think is even possible. This is why I offer intentional teas. This is why I read Soul Tarot. It's why I love to work with crystals, my higher power, and my ancestors. Sometimes we need the structure of what someone or something can provide us - REMIND us.

For a long time I felt as if this was out of reach. I had grown up in church, and while I find a lot of truth in that books, I also found loneliness, shame, blame, and guilt from the people who were teaching me. I was surrounded by people who said one thing and did another. I learned to play the game that is life from a place that was lacking compassion, love for things I didn't understand, and patience to wait through the hard times that broke me. I don't blame anyone for this, I know they all did the best they could with what they had. Its a new day now though - a day filled with new paths and ideas. I have made it my life's mission to help others in difficult transitions because that's all I ever found myself wanting. A safe space with no judgement, human eyes that could channel a higher frequency than the one I was transmuting. Someone who would stretch and grow me, but with compassion and without bypassing. Someone who could guide me on my path when I didn't have the eyes to see - not to do the work or make the choices for me, but to show me a fresh vision of the same page. To encourage me and remind me of what I was capable of. And so, here I am. Showing up for others as I had wished I had someone show up for me. Coaching people through the times when its hard to see the bigger picture. Reminding you of your capabilities and worth. Providing tools to help you do the work on your own to get results you've always wanted. 

Ready to make some magic?


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