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CANCER SUN: What Your Decan Says About You

To those of us who are into astrology, we already know that a sun sign can only tell you so much. While looking into your moon and rising sign (found in your natal chart), some of us still want a deeper dive into more intricate concepts. Enter: Decans (also called decantes).

In astrology, a decan is like a subdivision of a zodiacal sign. Ancient astrologers divided each sign into 3 sections, each lasting about 10 days.

If you ever wondered why people born in the same sign can be so different, decans can help shine a light on this.

The first thing you need to know about decans is that each astrological sign occupies a total of 30 degrees of the zodiac, for a total of 360 degrees.

Your decan depends on where your birthday falls within that 30 days of your zodiac sign. Approximately speaking, the first 10 days are the of your sign is the first decan, the second 10 day span of your sign is the second decan, and the last 10 days of your sign is the third decan.

Each decan has a unique set of traits that all fit into the bigger traits of the sign. This is because second and third decans have secondary rulers, or sub-rulers, to their sign. First decans are the purest embodiment of that particular sign.

Cancer Season: June 21 to July 22

As a Cancer, you’re ruled by the Moon. The Moon controls emotions - both human emotion as well as emotional comfort. This is why Cancers tend to be sensitive, intuitive, deeply nurturing, and homebodies.


First decan Cancers present as the purest embodiment of Cancer energy.

Highly intuitive, emotional, and nurturing.

Having a combination of an excellent memory and powers of perception, you tend to pick up on other peoples bullshit and can tend to internally process and carry it as your own. This could feel like a blessing and a curse at times. You have the power to create new opportunities for yourself but you’re also very guarded and hyper-sensitive. This is why Cancer is ruled by the Moon - it makes you sensitive and receptive to other people and why you’re as gentle, tender, sensitive, passive, sympathetic, and selfless.

Your mood changes quickly and tends to run in extremes - whatever you feel, you feel it very deeply.

You tend to take awhile to make friends and build trust in others, but once you do, you invite them into your home and make sure they feel comfortable. You are highly emotional, empathetic, sensitive, and quickly pick up on the emotions of others. You seek harmony, stability, and security in relationships which is why it takes you so long to bring people into your circle. Not loving confrontations and conflict, you tend to stay away from any emotional disturbing situations, people with too much drama, or anything else that will stress you the fuck out. This doesn’t mean that you don’t get stressed out, it just means you really do want to avoid these things at all costs if possible. You’d much rather provide comfort and security to those around you.

Your heart is so sweet. Because you’re so kind, generous, compassionate, and helpful - people seek to be around you. Your level of commitment to people and what you feel in your heart is right is very admirable.

Sharing your views without hesitation and putting your fantasies to work in the right way will guarantee you success in whatever you’re wanting to take on.

Being intuitive to the magnitude that you are makes it easy to read people - from red flags and quiet or underlying emotions to knowing when someone is flat out lying. Your perspectives and guidance are often sought after, appreciated, and highly respected so make sure you’re sharing openly and that you come prepared to things like meetings and conferences.


Pluto being the planet of death and rebirth being the sub-ruler for this Cancer can get a bit intense at times. When you go through dark times - you remember things in great detail, form very strong opinions based on your own perspectives of that time, as well as take detailed note of how others treated you and getting you to change these feelings and perspectives would compare to the ease of moving a 20 ton boulder by hand.

You can often be overwhelmed by your emotions which is why its such a good idea for you to get outside into nature or take up a meditation practice. It’s truly imperative for you to get outside, put them piggies in the grass, and create a quiet space where your mind doesn’t have to do much of anything.

You may often find yourself in power struggles that leave you feeling very misunderstood. The key to managing your feelings in these situations is to detach and not take things so personally. This can be a lot harder than it sounds though. You’re extremely emotional, sentimental, and can even be possessive at times. This isn’t a problem so much as an invitation to redirect - detaching from trying to control the situation or how your seen and understood is so crucial.

Other peoples opinions of you are none of your business - keep it that way. I know you want to feel understood as well as reach mutually beneficial agreements and understandings with other people, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out like that - and that’s perfectly ok. People are allowed to feel however they want to feel, none of it actually has anything to do with you. You’re not going to gain everyone’s approval and you don’t need to. Not everyone can show up with the same emotional capacity and deep feelings that you do so quit expecting YOU out of other people. While that can feel lonely sometimes, let it be a testament to what a gem you really are - using these gifts to make others feel seen, heard, and understood is your superpower but it won’t be seen that way if you’re constantly focused on yourself and your own feelings. You’re the caretakers and the nurturers of the world. Trusting and having confidence in your positive potential and impact is what will determine your success in healing.

You can be overly-secretive sometimes which makes people see you a mysterious or even difficult to know and understand. If you’re facing issues, you’re not actually alone and on your own - though feeling this way can feel very real. Feelings aren’t facts but they are your superpower. Staying grounded for you will be the difference between being an emotionally balanced, supportive friend and becoming a pessimistic leech.

Your effectiveness in work, activities, and any other way you move about the world will be enhanced by your sensitivity and empathy. The love you crave so deeply is actually your biggest gift to share with other people. I’d tell you to make sure that the people you gift this affection and attention to are worth investing in, but your intuitive and data-collecting nature will make sure you know exactly who you’re dealing with. The only question here is if you’ll act accordingly with the data you’ve personally collected on these folks or if you’ll be so far in your own way that you stay and try to “fix” these peoples issues and problems. Remember, you can’t fix anyone. If you do right by yourself in a caring and loving way, the rest will all fall into place.

You’re sensitive, caring, and thoughtful which is why your close friends and loved ones always love to be in your company. You provide a safe, calm, sturdy, and often silly vibe to the space that you take up. This is why people tend to share their emotions, feelings, and secrets with you. You value privacy and tend to gravitate towards people who value the same.

You may appear to most people as “normal” but I’m willing to bet that you’re attracted irresistibly to unusual and strange things. You’re quite mystical in many ways and are interested in unfamiliar and unseen things.

Going into your shell to survive hard times and tough situations makes your incredibly resilient. In fact, I think your resiliency often gets overlooked because people only see how emotional you can become about things. You are so strong. You’re very capable of motivating yourself - you will not sit in your room and cry the whole day while you’re upset. Your self-motivation in these situations stems from your innate encouragement to fight back and support other wounded souls, though you don’t really talk about your pains and sufferings to others and prefer to keep it to yourself. You see how damaging this can be though, right? You deserve the same safe shelter that you provide to those you care about.


Neptune is your sub-ruling planet and is the planet of all things psychic, intuition, spirituality + compassion, as well as the domain of dreams and illusions. This collaboration of the Moon (ruler of Cancer) and Neptune (sub-ruler of the third decan) shows up in having traits that would be described as highly creative, intuitive, and loving.

Relationships and love are very important to you which makes you impressionable and romantic in nature. Be careful not to sacrifice yourself by people pleasing to keep the peace. Sometimes you wear your heart on your sleeve and have a deep fear of being hurt.

You have artistic abilities and desire a to create a peaceful environment. You are so creative! You enjoy changing your style and outward personality frequently - its one of the few things you don’t take seriously. You’re highly adaptable and can make friends and mingle with all sorts of different types of people. You’re a great entertainer and bring a sparkle to all events you attend.

Highly patient and only taking action after analyzing a situation from all angles, you tend to be solid, practical, and possess a lot of emotional stability. Having an open and receptive heart is permanently endearing. You’re extremely compassionate and have a desire to go to great lengths to help the people you love in difficult situations. Being so kind and generous makes others really happy to be around you and their smiling faces makes it all worth your while.

You share things from the heart and rarely expect anything in return. This is largely why those closest to you come to you for help. The way you do friendship is pure and simple - its always genuine, from the heart, and with great patience and compassion.

Shy at times, you show your affection in the little things like love notes, back rubs, or a kind gesture.

Its hard for you to face stressful situations and you take it really personal when someone gives you less than positive feedback.

I hope you enjoyed this lil dive into the decans of Cancer!

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